The Movement for Ecological Truth

This blog was inspired by the following quote by Oystein Dahle, former Vice President, Exxon, Norway: "Socialism collapsed because it did not allow prices to tell the economic truth. Capitalism may collapse because it does not allow prices to tell the ecological truth."

Monday, May 01, 2006

Why do we need to tell the ecological truth

Right now, even with higher gas prices, it is hard to justify being a conservationist. For example, consider the choice between driving and taking the bus:

If you take the bus, you have to walk downtown, wait 15 minutes, and take a forty-five minute ride to work. Doing this again on the way home, means over 2 hours and $4 in bus fares.

If you drive, it takes only 30 minutes each way, and requires 2 gallons of gas, which is $6.

That means that for $2, I can save an hour (discounting the walk, because you need the exercise anyway). If you spent an hour longer at work, you'd make $10. This means that if you do the "right thing" and conserve energy, your standard of living goes down by $8.

Of course, you have done a huge favor for your neighbors by decreasing traffic congestion, avoiding global warming, and cutting down on pollution. But it can be hard to convince your neighbors to return the favor.


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